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Letter From The Chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors

After more than 35 years in the financial services industry, I have found that having an investment philosophy—one that is robust and that you can stick with—cannot be overstated.

Just like a personal philosophy can act as a moral compass, an investment philosophy can guide your decisions on how to invest. While this may sound simple, the implications can be significant. People who put their savings to work in capital markets do so with the expectation of earning a return on their investment, and there is ample evidence to support that long-term investors have been rewarded with such returns. But we also know that investors will encounter times when the results are disappointing. It is in these times that your philosophy will be tested, and being able to stay the course requires trust. The alternative approach likely consists of moving between different strategies based on past results, which is unlikely to lead to a good outcome.

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A Letter from the Chairman of Dimensional Funds

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