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Tips to Help Teach Your Children About Money

Five tips for helping to teach your kids about money. As parents, we continually struggle to pass knowledge on to our children. Unfortunately, sometimes financial knowledge is left off the list or lost in translation. To prevent that happening, consider the following five tips to help teach your children about money:  It is never too …Read More.

Active Even Fails Institutions

  Vanguard founder John Bogle’s “cost matters hypothesis” explains why, after subtracting fees, returns from active management tend to be smaller than returns from passive management, as the latter costs less. However, retail investors tend to pay higher advisory and management fees than institutional investors. Since 2002, S&P Dow Jones Indices has been publishing its S&P …Read More.

More Hazards of Individual Stocks

If diversification is a free lunch, use the full buffet. In a recent article that highlighted the perils of owning individual stocks, I offered the historical evidence demonstrating how only a small percentage of stocks have accounted for all the gains provided by the market—with the vast majority earning a big, fat zero in aggregate cumulative …Read More.

What will the markets do next?

  How many new ways are there for the same old market forecasters to twist a timeless truth: None of us know what the markets will do next.   Consider the following quote from a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Global Stocks Post Strongest First Half in Years, Worrying Investors.”   “The question for …Read More.

The Antidote To Stock Market Hysteria

The antidote to stock market hysteria. Market forecasters capitalize on our desire to know the unknowable. Tim Maurer, Director of Personal Finance, The BAM Alliance Just for fun, Google the words “market pullback.” There are over 2.2 million results–most of them market predictions–and the first page of results is dominated by calls for an imminent …Read More.

Gurus Mostly Strike Out – Again

Larry Swedroe tallies mid-year hits and misses for 2017’s “sure thing” predictions. Larry Swedroe, Director of Research, The BAM Alliance At the start of each year, I compile a list of predictions that gurus have made for the upcoming year, along with some items I frequently hear from investors—sort of a consensus of “sure things.” …Read More.

Take More Risk in Life And Less in Investing

Take more risk in life and less in investing! Tim Maurer, Director of Personal Finance, The BAM Alliance “I just really wish I’d taken more risk in my investment portfolio,” said no one–ever–on their deathbed. That may seem like an odd observation, unless you consider the fact that I had the privilege of spending a …Read More.

Persistent Returns for Active Managers Remain Elusive

Relying on past performance is a fool’s errand as outperforming active funds rarely manage to repeat their success. Larry Swedroe, Director of Research, The BAM Alliance Since 2002, S&P Dow Jones Indices has published its biannual S&P Indices Versus Active (SPIVA) scorecards, which compare the performance of actively managed equity funds to their appropriate index …Read More.

When Rates Go Up, Do Stocks Go Down?

Should stock investors worry about changes in interest rates? Research shows that, like stock prices, changes in interest rates and bond prices are largely unpredictable.1 It follows that an investment strategy based upon attempting to exploit these sorts of changes isn’t likely to be a fruitful endeavor. Despite the unpredictable nature of interest rate changes, investors may still be curious about what …Read More.

Hedge Funds Trail Equities

Hedge funds continue to trail equities through the first quarter of 2017. Larry Swedroe, Director of Research, The BAM Alliance Hedge funds entered 2017 coming off their eighth-straight year of trailing U.S. stocks (as measured by the S&P 500 Index) by significant margins. And for the 10-year period ending 2016—one that included the worst bear …Read More.

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