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Arnett Carbis Toothman Wealth Advisors LLC (ACT Wealth Advisors) was founded in 2002 to provide a disciplined, academically based investment experience tailored to address each client’s distinct willingness, ability and need to accept market risk.

Lots of people say they’re acting in your best interests.  At ACT Wealth Advisors, the recommendations and decisions we make every day reflect that we serve as fiduciaries and hold ourselves to the highest legal standard to act, serve and advise based on what is in your best interests.

We believe in using the science of investing to help you to make better decisions about your money and your future. We build customized plans designed to withstand the turbulence of the financial markets. We build relationships that encompass more than dollars – your dreams, your relationships, your assets,  and we help you achieve the goals that are most important to you.

ACT Wealth Advisors employs nine Investment Advisor Representatives and one administrative support staff.  Six of our advisors are also experienced Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and hold various other credentials in financial planning and wealth management. Our affiliated accounting firm, Arnett Carbis Toothman LLP, is one of the region’s leading accounting firms and has approximately 270 employees.

ACT Wealth Advisors is an independent registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.  We are not affiliated with any brokerage house, insurance company or mutual fund family.


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